We make preconfigured BeagleBoard with LinuxCNC drivers for your CNC engraving mill. This product works for Windows, Linux, Or Macs. Our product is a ready replacement so that you can use our mini 10"x5"x3" in your existing milling operation. No need for clunky desktop computer or parallel cables for driving LinuxCNC, nor configuring the LinuxCNC, nor expensive Gecko drivers, nor expensive Mach3 software. Just remotely login with a remote desktop or VNC software through your LAN.

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$185.00 LinuxCNC Beagleboard Driver

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email: help@miles-milling.com

In order to make this solution work you will need moderate to expert computer, electronic, and networking skills. Although novice users could install, we cannot recommend due to some lacking skills and knowledge that might be necessary. We try to make this installation as easy as possible with online instructions. After purchase we will need to know the subnet and static IP address you'd like your LinuxCNC beagleboard to interface. If none is provided the default product will ship preconfigured to When on the same network subnet of your LAN you should be able to use any of several VNC desktop remote viewers to login. Login ships with default username and password both being "machinekit" without quotes.

Our LinuxCNC driver board also comes with the potentiometers preset with a nominal amount of stepper driver current. Based on the size of your steppers which may require less or more current (based on missed steps on movement or too hot of motors) you're encouraged to review and even change these setting to better fit your milling setup. Directions will be provided later. Also our product does not directly allow the usage of drill motor speed as preconfigured, though we do provide a limited answer to some configuration of how to do this if desired (Not preconfigured in this purchase). Its is assumed for the most part that the motor spindle speed will be controlled separately with a independent spindle motor controller, the speed/direction of spindle being varied through usage of the controller's thumbwheel.

Please choose based on one of the 3 milling system's setup, the configuration best suited for your purchase in terms of type of controller you have with your mill. The instructions that follow based on the links of the images will show you how to replace the cheap controller board with our powerful LinuxCNC beagleboard.
If Configuration/Setup of 3-axis controller that looks like this=>
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Type A Connectors
If your chassis controller/driver looks like this instead=>
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Type B Connectors
All Other Generic Milling Axis Controller requires some soldering and ohmmeter measurements=>
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Type Generic Wirings