This dual thermistor unit can be utilized on our LinuxCNC BeagleBoard CRAMPS solutions for both milling and laser solutions, to report back temperature of cooling fluids to the LinuxCNC application. These thermistors are not to be used for our LinuxCNC 3-D printing solution as those use different thermistors embedded in the printer extrude head as well and heating bed. Length of each of the thermistor probes is 3.5 feet or 1.07 meters. All measurments inside the LinuxCNC software are in units degree Celsius.

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$35.00 LinuxCNC Beagleboard Dual Cooling Fluid Themistors

LinuxCNC Temperature Monitoring Probes


Installation and Eula Terms of Agreement:

Warning lasers and mills represent a danger to inexperienced technicians or people with no skills, we assume no liability for either your laser hardware or personel/employee risk. also does not warrant either the controller nor the hardware that is adjoined to the replacement, nor do we assume any responsibility to usage or personel using this controller. Coolant temperature monitoring is also not guaranteed or do we assume responsiblity for equipment, though we expect good performance for legal reasons we assume no liability.

For further disclaimers please read the Eula, installation means acceptance of the terms and conditions.

First make sure your laser and controller are powered down before doing any installation. Next Install the 2x thermistors connector across the pins as shown below: